Why do you need to attend FooConf? Make your case to your boss with useful arguments for your manager and colleagues to realise the benefits of your participation at FooConf!

The concept of FooConf is knowledge sharing by bringing to Finland the best speakers of the industry to talk about the latest news in technology. For a company having a highly competent and up-to-date developer team is the most valuable asset and the foundation of a successful business. Bring your competence development to the next level!

  • Meet the best in the industry in one place, first international developer conference in Finland.
  • Discuss issues from your daily work with experts.
  • Learn about the next generation of tools and methods within your line of work.
  • Get some new insights on the framework or technique you need everyday.
  • Meet colleagues and exchange experiences and ideas, in-person conferences are a great way to make new contact and expand your network!
  • Get some inspiration and motivation that you will share with the whole office!

A good idea to make the most of your day at FooConf is to report to your colleagues and managers that did not attend your selection of the best talks and ideas you heard at the conference. You can share the videos of the talks with them!

We recommend that you look at the line-up of speakers and select already the ones that you think are the most interesting. 

When you talk to your manager, mention those sessions and put it in writing. Stretch that it is important for your personal development and will practically increase your competence and knowledge in your field. This is simply an opportunity to improve your work at your company!

See below an example of formal writing request you could send to your manager:

Dear [Manager],

I am writing to request your approval to attend the FooConf conference day, taking place February 1st in Central Helsinki, Finland. This conference offers an extended educational program, including sessions on topics directly related to our current and future activities and business. By attending this event I expect to learn how to *implement the latest trends* and *emerging technologies*.

FooConf will be a new conference for developers in Finland. This will be a great opportunity to mingle with the developer community to learn about solutions and news in the industry.

I have already selected some  sessions that I will attend during this one day event:

- Session name and speaker ...

The conference fee is 295 - It includes coffee breaks and lunch, as well as networking activities and any special events, and exhibition in the hall entry.

I will return with new knowledge, new connections and new inspiration. I would appreciate your approval as soon as possible in order to sign up.